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Hi everyone, it’s Lauren here! I thought I would let you know a little bit about our trip up to Cambridge. We are so blessed as my amazing Auntie Donna & Uncle Iain (Bunkle Lemon) have let us use their car to get out and see some of the English Countryside. It has not rained a single day since we arrived, even the Brits are starting to say how dry it is. However, as Australians used to brown fields, we thought everything was amazingly lush and green!

Cambridge was amazing! Right up my alley… hundreds of students, gorgeous colleges and chapels, a river…. and thousands of bikes! Seriously I have never seen so many bikes in my life. I’m pretty sure I saw some professors riding their bikes down the cobbled paths, and saw more than one grey hair through a helmet. It’s a great culture, everyone is active and out and about. The college students were in exams, but we still spotted a few in the late afternoon punting down the river with a beer in hand.

The colleges themselves were beyond spectacular. We thought we would get an overview by punting down the river Cam. The river is like something out of a fairytale, with big willow trees leaning from the banks. The English dream. I half thought to enquire how much it would be to send our children to Cambridge for College so they could enjoy this fairytale oasis. Then I remembered we would both have to change our careers in order for that to happen! The College “backs” run down to the river Cam, so it is a good view of their sweeping lawns and breathtaking architecture. However, after renting a punt, we realised that we might not take much of this in, as all our efforts were focussed on trying to keep our boat straight! Joel put up a valiant effort, as did I. However the most positive thing that can be said about our punting, was that we did not fall in! It was actually quite hilarious! We did make it to the ‘Mathematical Bridge’ and the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ which was replicated from the same bridge in Venice. Quite awe inspiring to punt underneath this one!

We retired from our punting and gladly handed over our pole, and walked the streets of Cambridge. It is a beautiful place, if you ever get the chance to go I would recommend it. It’s what you always dreamed your college experience to be and you could get lost riding in and out of little alleyways, fresh markets and across the many bridges that span the river Cam. Our next point of call was to Kings Chapel, built to impress that’s for sure. It does not cease to amaze me that all these breathtaking structures were built in honour of God. Every intricate detail is inspiring. Have a look at the photos, (which still don’t do it justice). The ceiling and glass panes were enough to stare at all day. Joel and I sat and stared for about an hour, and Joel had a moment of pure bliss when the organs started resounding…. truly, I have to say it… ‘epic’.

Our day was rounded off with a delicious pub lunch at ‘The Anchor’ in the afternoon sun, watching life pass on on the river. The first point I think I actually relaxed and took our journey so far in. A glass of white and smiles all around.

Enjoy the pictures! (if you are on an iphone you can’t view them because it’s a slideshow so you will need to have a look on your computer) xx

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