Living the London Life

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Today marks the 3rd week that we have been in London and life is starting to become a little more normal. Street names are becoming more recognisable, tube maps are staying in the back pocket and we have figured out that ‘Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s & Waitrose’ are all supermarkets. We have been spending a few days in St Albans, with the Mckern crew, and a few days staying with our amazing friends Jim & Julia in Clapham.

London life is starting to roll into motion. We have secured a place to live in Wandsworth or for all those that are only familiar with the snobby regions it is 10mins walk from Putney High Street. I must say that the whole job of finding an apartment over in the UK is quite an experience.

Foxtons. That is the name of the Real Estate company. If you have had the UK experience before of finding a place to rent then you may have just cringed or felt a cold shiver go down your spine by reading the above ”F” word. Here it is again. Foxtons. These guys know how to work. They apparently have the biggest turn over rate in staff out of any UK company. These guys make people from LJ Hooker look like they are on a constant holiday… They work from 8 to 8, six days a week (at a minimum) and move at a thousand miles an hour. We may have felt confused, highly anxious and we felt an overwhelming desire to find the nearest corner and assume the recovery position, however, the most important thing for us is that Foxtons were able to secure us a place to live. Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of the inside yet, but to give you a little idea we will be living in the 2nd and 3rd floors of this period conversion flat and it does come with a very nice loft bedroom*

I have never seen so many bicycles in my life. Cycling is the National form of transport in London. The roads are too narrow to drive. The tube is too hot and crowded. The overland train is manic. So that leaves walking. Why walk when you can cycle think the Brits. So that is what we shall be doing. We have ordered some bicycles for when we get back from our trip and look forward to getting into the cycle-thon.

Flat White. Thankyou God! I found a place that knows how to make decent coffee. I even ended up downloading a coffee app to help my cause. It is unfortunately a bit of a problem that I will have to get used to. You will notice a picture of me sitting out the front of Flat White in Soho. I certainly enjoyed that cup and yes I have made some “out-of-the-way” trips back there. London just doesn’t get it! Starbucks doesn’t = coffee. I will hopefully find a way out of this trap and am hoping that our new place in Wandsworth will have a little gem cafe down the road.

Everything is just old. It has been a bit of a change of mind-set to come up out of a tube station and see a church that has been standing for hundreds and hundreds of years or to walk along a cobbled stoned road that dates back to who knows when. And it is just apart of the London furniture. No local will take any time to point or look, it just is what they are used to. I think we are both still in awe of the architecture and how different everything looks.

In two days time we are in for a whole new architectural & cultural experience as we are heading off to Croatia, Slovenia, Austria & Prague. Both Lauren & I are looking forward to this adventure. Look forward to updating you all on the tales we will have along the way.

*pictures to come in July…

One thought on “Living the London Life

  1. Bob and I have been drinking at Flat White for years – best coffee in London by far, heaps of QF guys go there.
    All good back here – surviving a deluge but it is not cold. Have a great Eastern Europe adventure – I am keen to hear about it as it is an area I have on my bucket list. Love Pete xxoo

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