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Korcula… what a lovely surprise! Firstly props must go to Dukes (my grandma) who heartily recommended that we include Korcula in our travels “for at least three nights”. So we planned it in and we were not disappointed. Firstly, as you can see in the photos, the ocean greeted us, sparkling blue and so clear that depth did not seem to matter. I was obviously, beside myself. Joel had to calm me down and confiscate the camera so that we could watch the sun set. And the sun set was gorgeous, reds and oranges and a burning yellow ball which took over half an hour to tuck itself to bed. We simply sat with wide eyes, pinching ourselves at how blessed we were!

Our accommodation was fantastic, a little apartment which we were grateful for, as it allowed us to cook our own meals which sounds funny on holidays, but we prefer this, as eating out becomes the norm and we like to see it as a special treat, otherwise it becomes taken for granted. Plus we were already tiring of the Croatian menu which goes like this: ‘pastas, hideously expensive meat dishes, hideously expensive fish dishes, seafood risotto, squid…. and always pizza and bruchetta?!’. Therefore we are hoping for more little kitchens in our travels! Our hosts were fabulous, meeting us as though they already knew us, I thought they were going to hug us they were so happy to have us there! The apartment was smack bang in the middle of Old Town (good finding mum) and made life a little luxurious, and always the waft of cooking fish floating past our door.

Korcula is a stunning town. They are known for the wine they produce and we now have the Croatian Wine Lists down pat. The town itself is like a mini and infinitely more charming version of Dubrovnik, minus the masses of tourists and large Asian tour groups with headsets and paddles. It is a walled city and sticks out into the ocean with its proud clock tower sticking above the rambling alleyways. We instantly loved it, the vibe is relaxed and the Old Town draws you in. Again we were woken in the morning by the bell tower which for some reason always sees fit to ring like it’s life depended on it at 5am in the morning (far more than 5 strokes mind you!). As the sun is rising at 4am it hardly seems to matter, however Croatians don’t get really into anything until 10am so it’s a puzzle to me.

We hired bikes and rode them 13km up the coast to a small town called Racisce. The whole coast was sleeply, with fishing boats, rock wharfs, and the sparkling blue Adriatic under a clear blue sky. It was made even more dramatic as the coast was flanked by steep mountains on the mainland which were awe inspiring and made you admire the diversity of the landscape in Croatia. It is ever changing. We found a little beach and swam and read and basked it all in. I enjoyed riding past little farming huts and the local crops. I could recognise the vineyards but other than that I haven’t the faintest idea what they were growing! You are always stumbling upon some kind of ruin in Europe. I love that!

Another day we hired a scooter and took it up to see the high land in the mountains of Korcula. These tiny towns certainly have a simple life. I wonder what they do all day. I suppose they are all farmers of some sort as there is barely a local market in the towns. We discovered some more stunning beaches, one of them sand which was proudly proclaimed by the Croats, as they are accustomed to pebble beaches and a bit of sand is a rare thing. As Aussies we find that sort of amusing and are enjoying not getting sand in our pants and through our bags and stuck in the frames of our sunnies.

It was all too soon to leave Korcula, it is definitely a special place to us. We are in half a mind to invest in some shabby sea hut for a vacation house 🙂 As for Joel and I, we are doing well. I am learning how to relax (a real art!) and Joel’s last comment was “it’s so exhausting doing nothing”!! So all in all, I think it is a much needed rest for us and we are enjoying hearing all the news from home even though we miss our friends and family and wish they could share this experience with us!

Love to all xxx

2 thoughts on “Korcula

  1. Great article and pictures, I think you really captured the soul of Korcula. We felt exactly the same way when we first came here 5 years ago, we kept coming back and last year moved here! So glad you cycled to Racisce, it’s my favourite place on the island and I love the beaches there as hardly anyone ever finds them, so they remain a little secret. You sum up cuisine quite nicely, but I will add if you ever make it back to Korcula we’ve found some great restaurants off the beaten track that serve up quality homemade food at great prices – so be sure too look us up and we will show you a few!I’m sure you wont mind if I add a link to your blog from our website…?

    1. Hello! We loved Korcula, we are missing it! I can understand why you moved there! I wish I read your blog when we were there, your restaurant recommendations sound great, I will have to remember if we get to return and will let people know to check your website out! (of course you can add a link, no worries!). Take care!

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