Caves & Islands – Hvar part 1

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Hi everyone. Joel here.

Well, Hvar was the setting of our next adventure Croatian adventure. We jumped on the early morning catamaran from Korcula (6am) as there is only one a day and arrived to yet another sunny day upon our new island, Hvar. This is a more happening town than Korcula, but still retains the relaxed nature that we have come to know and love about the Croatian people (pretty much nothing happens before 10am – except for our far too early catamaran – the 6am killer..)

Once we had found our place to stay ( Villa Zorana) we took one look at the crystal water and decided it was time for a boating adventure. We had the exploring spirit inside of us. Enough of the bike riding and scootering for a day, it was time to shoot off on our own self-guided tour upon a speed boat. Well, it had a 5hp motor… (for those that don’t know how fast that is, it is about the speed you see mum’s pushing their prams around a crowded shopping mall…) Despite the speed boat possessing a lack of speed we headed out upon our mighty vessel in search of the Pakleni Islands. These islands start about 2kms from the coast from Hvar Town and in our most speedy vessel we were told it would take 4hrs to navigate our way around all the Islands. Our first stop was Palmizana Bay and it features heavily in the photos, and for good reason. The water here was the clearest that either of us had seen in Croatia thus far. As self-proclaimed skipper of our terrific yacht I lowered the anchor and we remained there for many an hour bobbing up and down. Lauren and I enjoyed just jumping off the front deck of the boat, diving down into the clear water and then back on deck delving back into our respective novels.

With far more of the Island to discover we hauled in the anchor and set off at an almighty pace (not really) around to the next bay. By this time it was well and truly time for some lunch and we tried our hand at a small fishing village (Vlaka) and what they had to offer. Now it must be said that Lauren and I are totally into the random little restruants that run off generators in the middle of nowhere that have strange food with menus that possess no English, however, this small village was an epic fail for a totally different reason other than the food. In fact we didn’t even get to the food. Bumble bees, wasps, huge flies, flying vermin… Whatever they were, we got attacked. Sadly, we only managed to grab a drink along the way whilst swatting off the flying predators and we swiftly made our way back onto our mighty sea-craft and back to Palmizana Bay. Lunch there was good. There were no flying predators to attack us. Enough said.

The next day brought a special moment that we will undoubtedly remember forever. We had seen may google images, visited many a website that raved on about it and heard rumors of its greatness, but nothing could prepare us for the real thing. The blue caves. Wow… As you can see from the photos (which are totally unedited) this place is pretty darn special. The water is naturally lit from below and the water is a vivid and flourescent blue. It totally left us speechless and we totally recommend this as a place worth seeing. It is one of those places that you can actually say, “it needs to be seen to be believed”.

Being around so many beaches, open spaces and beautiful water is very much reminding us both of home. Ahhh Australia. We are soaking up the time in the sun and the 10-20 swims per day as London will not offer us such luxuries when we get into our lives there. We are both well and trying to take advantage of this unique opportunity that we feel so blessed to have. As mentioned in an earlier post, I was able to smuggle onto our flight my guitar and it has been getting a bit of a work out with the surroundings so inspiring for song-writing.

In our lives thus far I don’t think that either Lauren or I have ever had this much time on our hands. We have already been through a thick novel each whilst at Hvar and have been for many a walk around the ocean walls that surround the city. It is good for us. Learning how to relax. A great lesson that we are willing participants in.

Big love to all in Aus. We have many more tales to tell and will keep you updated with our next instalment soon.


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