Ljubljana II

Ljubljana view

As our train chugged into Ljubljana’s central station I was determined to show mum the best this fairytale city had to offer. Joel and I had spent a lovely two days last June lingering by the banks of the Ljubljanica, and it had well and truly cast its spell on us. We had but a day to soak in the lively cafe culture, jade-green river, imposing castle, vibrant townhouses, cobblestone streets and local markets.

Joel was due to join us that afternoon and we were both soaring high with anticipation. We checked in to our airbnb apartment and spent a fascinating hour speaking to the lovely owner – a young chap with a passion for his city. Mum duly interrogated him about the history of Slovenia and the socio-economic situation of the country as we sipped tea together. Of course in return we educated him about the little known island country of ‘Australia’.Up to the castle it was, with our kingdom laid out before us. We skipped through the streets, ever joyous to be adventuring together in yet another picture-perfect European town. The Ljubljanica was greener than I even remembered with the willows bending down as though they were parched and in need of a drink. The kaleidoscope of bright building facades reflected off the glass topped meandering river. For a capital city I could only describe Ljubljana as relaxed and beguiling, we just went with the flow and enjoyed the absence of a strict itinerary. It seems as though the locals have the same idea as every cafe and bar is permanently full of people taking life a little less seriously.

The hour arrived for Joel to appear and we promptly celebrated with several crisp white wines by the river bank, as per the locals. We raised a glass to all being together again and cast wild and wonderful visions about our next stop the following morning – Bled & Bohinj. Join us there as Joel takes over the baton in the next post… L x

Roaming the streets with mum
3 hours until Joel arrives!
Ljubljana castle
Mum walking up to the castle
Ljubljana castle spring
Spring buds
Ljubljana brick
Old Brick / New Brick


Ljubljana river By the river banks
Ljubljana city
Peaceful river walks
Ljubljana river Ljubljanica
Ljubljanica banks
Ljubljanica banks
1 hour until Joel arrives!
Ljubljana nightlife
Joel arrives!!!
Hanging shoes at dusk

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