If we cast our minds back a few months to September 2011, to the days when the sun enjoyed staying out for longer, we remember a little town known as Brighton.

Lauren and I decided that our lungs needed a good shellacking of salty air once again and to get acquainted with what the UK had to offer down by its seashore. It also happened to coincide with the London riots that were fast approaching our place, so we chained up our bikes and shot off out of London for the weekend.

It is safe to say that Brighton can be split into two parts. The ‘seaside’ and the ‘alleys’. Depending on who you ask you will get a very mixed response of answers as to what they prefer. In fact, even many Londoners when quizzed would say that they didn’t even know Brighton had something more to offer that the famous Pier. In my books, those people need to dig a little deeper. They have missed out. Continue reading “Brighton”