Hello United Kingdom!

So we have arrived in London on the 1st May, to sunny London may I add. It’s not hard to fall in love with a place that has had beautiful sunshine for our first week. The flight was awful so it gets no more attention or airtime than just a simple mention. It got us here.

The incredibly long group email is a thing of the past and thus we will be using this blog as the main way for us to share our travels and journey’s whilst over here in the Motherland. Sometimes it will be me writing and sometimes Lauren. We will keep the posts flowing…

So after the flight from hell we were greeted at Heathrow Airport by the never aging Iain McKern (Buncle Lemon). So so great to see a familiar face when arriving to a foreign land! We jumped in the car and our weary bodies slumped into the seats as we drove back to the town that the Mckern’s call home, St Albans. Continue reading “Hello United Kingdom!”