Stockholm Sweden

No matter where you are exploring in the world, it cannot be better tackled than with a local. This made Stockholm, land of the Ikea flatpack and Nudie jeans, an appealing destination for our long-weekend jaunt in May 2012. Bless the golden heart of Chris Neilson – who patiently met us in the frosty hours of a Spring evening and whisked us back to their uber trendy student pad. Exhausted though we were, it did not deter us from a lovely catchup with Chris and his gorgeous wife Eme (swedish goddess extrodinaire)! We laughed our way into the next day at Chris’s fabulous attempts at the Swedish language, and I probably fell asleep at the point where the boys embarked upon their favourite topic….coffee.

Those of you who know Chris will be well familiar with his expertise in all things bean-related. You can bet where we ended up first thing the next morning…. yup, the coffee shop where he was working. We were welcomed to Stockholm with some stunning latte art (see below) and tour guide Neilson gave us an introduction to the 5 islands that intersect – becoming the capital of Sweden. We gawked at the high scandanavian prices, but as cool as the fashion was, and as hip and trendy as the people were – we kept our wallets firmly reserved for all things Nudie (I shall return to this)! Continue reading “Stockholm”


Chilling out at our little Danish house

Joel likes to say that every time he thinks about Copenhagen, money slips out his back pocket. This is a good summary of our time in Denmark and perhaps our most lasting memory…however pulling out the photos I was reminded that this charming old town had more to offer than a credit card crisis!

We spent some time in the Danish capital in August 2011 (yes we are behind in the blog). It was a city that had always intrigued me, and with the rest of Europe headed for some sun, we thought it would be a good opportunity to check it out before Joel started his full time job in September. We stayed in a very cute little Danish cottage with an apple tree about a 15minute ride from the centre of town. Danish design is definitely unique and it was lovely to stay in a house that illustrated this so nicely, and really added to the experience. Sadly we were not able to purchase any Danish design for ourselves which was a little heartbreaking having wandered through many design stores coveting every second item! The Danes live by the rule of simplicity and I believe it is a good lesson for so much of our consumer culture.

Our first port of call was to ‘do what the Danish do’ and secure ourselves some bicycles. Joel and I were big fans of the custom made bike lanes on every road. When we got back to London we were disgusted to have to ride alongside the traffic once again! There are bikes everywhere in Copenhagen. Nobody is exempt. We saw business men in suits riding to work, as well as girls dressed up to the nines in high heels riding in the rain to the city for a night on the town. They sure do embrace the bike with everything! This was our transport and we only caught the metro once or twice. Continue reading “Copenhagen”